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Underwater engineering

The company's business integrates marine underwater technology research and development, equipment development, engineering construction and consulting, and has the ability to carry out various types of underwater robot development and engineering services, underwater engineering supervision and technical consultation, offshore platform installation, offshore wind power installation and operation and maintenance support, cross-sea engineering whole process detection and consultation, seabed topography and geological survey, automatic hydrological monitoring, integrated surveying and mapping of water and water and three-dimensional solid model reconstruction, remote automatic health monitoring and other businesses. At the same time, relying on the technical support of our scientific research, we have the ability to develop and carry out a variety of underwater scientific research experiments.

Engineering example: LF22-1 wellhead production tree and PGB installation service

Project Background:

A total of 22 development wells were designed for the development of Lufeng 1-4 oilfield, which were developed using underwater wellheads. Prior to the completion of the rig, engineering vessels were required to complete the installation of four underwater trees and four guide bases (PGBs). According to the requirements of CNOOC Exploration and Operation Department, our company provides installation technical services for the installation of underwater oil production trees and guide base PGB in 4 wells in LF4-22 oilfield.

Hai provided the project manager, technical manager, site commander and operation team for the project, which took a total of 18 days, and under the harsh sea conditions with an average wave height of > 2.5 meters in winter, Hai completed the loading, equipment commissioning and on-site installation as planned, and completed the installation of 4 oil production trees and PGB safely and smoothly, which was highly praised by the owner.



Engineering Example: LH4-1 Wellhead Christmas Tree Installation Project

Project Background:

For the first time using a single ROV, under complex sea conditions of internal waves and currents in the South China Sea, the four ships worked together to complete the installation work safely and smoothly in one go.