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High precision navigation and positioning in the entire sea area

Shenzhen Haiyi Petroleum Technology Co., Ltd. independently developed HYPOS® based on the prediction of the development direction of marine engineering navigation and positioning services, combined with the company's technology accumulation and precipitation in the field of marine high-precision navigation and positioning Beidou high-precision global satellite navigation and positioning system. Among them, GNSS receiver accuracy provides worldwide positioning services, and the accuracy can reach 2cm in B10bPPP mode; In the Beidou differential mode, the horizontal accuracy can reach centimeter level, and the vertical accuracy is ≤ 10cm; The data is stable and reliable, and can be widely equipped in offshore engineering vessels, platforms and other offshore facilities, providing high-precision navigation and positioning services for application scenarios such as offshore engineering, offshore oil exploration, oilfield development and offshore energy development.

Example of high-precision sea area positioning service in the whole sea area:

Hai Yi Company is responsible for providing and installing two sets of Beidou high-precision global satellite navigation and positioning system (DGNSS) for the "Fenghua-21" ship of Fiberhome Communications Company, retaining the original DGPS1 and DGPS2 differential navigation and positioning systems, and adding two sets of DGNSS1 and DGNSS2 Beidou high-precision differential navigation and positioning systems as the positioning signal source of the "Fenghua-21" marine DP2 power system, and DGPS and DGNSS positioning systems can be used interchangeably. The equipment of Beidou's high-precision global satellite navigation and positioning system was installed on July 2022, 07, mobilized at the terminal of Zhuhai Beacon Communication Company, and completed all installations on July 11, 2022. The two sets of DGNSS07 and DGNSS14 equipment installed by Hai Company were installed on the "Fenghua-1" ship, and the test of the project leader of Hai Company and the inspection of the ship manager confirmed that the equipment was safe and reliable and the system was operating normally.



Renovation of Beidou Satellite Signal Receiving Equipment for the 691 and 660DP Systems of Ships under China National Offshore Oil Services:


Submarine optical cable laying and post protection project in X sea area (>100 meters water depth):