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Intelligent security system


Scope of Services:

Intelligent, information technology development, is to enhance and improve the modern building safety technology technology and driving force, to intelligent information as one of the security integrated platform, has been as the security system engineering in the planning and design of the primary technical topic, our company to network, platform, large-scale, comprehensive development as the direction, deep cultivation in this field and independent research and development of intelligent safety technical defense information as the basic carrying object of the system construction mode and network link system, for customers to solve a series of security needs.

Solution examples:

The HYPOS® T-Card intelligent registration system is aimed at:

  Epidemic prevention and control - rapid screening of personnel information;

  Sudden danger - quickly identify the information of personnel on board;

  Daily drills - to check the effectiveness of exercises;

  The land office synchronizes personnel information on board;

  and other needs and problems to customize the intelligent security system.

It offers the following functional benefits:

 Personnel information registration is fast, accurate and complete;

Diversified customization of information terminals;

Cloud storage of personnel information;

Automatic statistics of positioning information;

Easy to view in real time on land;

Unaffected by ship power loss;

The information terminal comes with precise positioning function;

Monitor the safety status of staff in a timely manner to ensure the personal safety of staff.








Typical application scenarios of HYPOS® T-Card intelligent registration system:




Underwater component installation services

Project Background: Lufeng 22-1 Oilfield is a redeveloped oilfield, with a total of 4 development wells designed to use underwater wellhead development. It is planned to use a 1500ft semi shallow drilling platform to complete the drilling and completion operations of Lufeng 22-1 Oilfield. Before completing the well operation on the drilling platform, it is necessary to use an engineering ship to complete the installation of four underwater Christmas trees and four guided pedestals (PGBs) in the Lufeng 22-1 oilfield; At the same time, according to operational needs, use the engineering ship as a backup solution for recycling LBL beacons. This implementation plan has been formulated for the "Lufeng 22-1 Oilfield Underwater Christmas Tree and PGB Installation Engineering Ship Service" project.

High precision navigation and positioning services for the entire sea area

Fenghua 21 Ship Beidou Navigation System Installation Service Project background: The Fenghua 21 ship is the first in China to specifically lay submarine optical cables Engineering ships, equipped with the KongsbergDP2 power system. To meet the requirements of ship usage, the single north The purpose of Dou Navigation is to use our company's HYPOS Beidou high-precision signal receiver and GN150 provides technical solutions and installation services for DP and navigation Beidou navigation positioning for ships. Shenzhen Haiyi provides all Beidou navigation and positioning equipment, tools and materials, as well as installation The operation team took a total of one week and successfully completed the existing GPS navigation with the ship Installation and debugging work for parallel use of bit systems. Enabling customers to freely choose the required signals The purpose of navigation and positioning by the source has been highly praised by the owner.

Topographic and geomorphological mapping and pipeline and cable monitoring in extremely shallow water areas

Haiyi completed the loading, equipment debugging, and on-site installation work for the project as planned, safely and smoothly completing the installation of four Christmas trees and PGB in one go, receiving high praise from the owner

Intelligent security system

Solution Example: HYPOS ® The T-Card intelligent registration system is designed for Epidemic prevention and control - rapid screening of personnel information Sudden danger situation - quickly identifying information of personnel on board Daily Exercise - Verify Exercise Effectiveness Synchronize personnel information on board with the onshore office An intelligent security system tailored to meet requirements and issues,