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Skid installation of offshore facilities

Installation and maintenance of offshore facilities and equipment:

Hai Yi Company holds the "Offshore Equipment Maintenance Qualification Certificate" issued by CNOOC, and has an experienced offshore facility equipment installation and maintenance team. The team has complete technical skills and personnel qualification certificates, and can provide engineering services such as skidding, installation and maintenance of various equipment in offshore facilities (drilling platforms, ships, FPSO and terminals).


Examples of domestic sewage treatment equipment installation services:

In April 2023, Hai installed a set of domestic sewage treatment equipment for CNOOC-HYSY4 drilling platform.

The original domestic sewage treatment equipment of HYSY936 platform cannot meet the current discharge standards, and it is necessary to dismantle it and install the discharge domestic sewage treatment equipment that meets the standards (domestic sewage treatment equipment model: CSWD-70). Through on-site investigation, combined with the characteristics of small usable space and many surrounding equipment and facilities of offshore drilling platform, Hai Yi Company reasonably planned the installation location and pipeline direction of domestic sewage treatment equipment, and successfully completed the installation, trial operation and passed the acceptance of the platform without affecting other surrounding equipment.