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Shenzhen HAIYI OIL Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen HAIYI OIL Technology Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong Haiyi, Shenzhen Ford) is a company specializing in offshore oil, petrochemical, shipbuilding and nuclear power. Based on the development direction of the energy industry, the company is mainly based on offshore oil services. It mainly deals with equipment and materials, marine parts products, and technical development of petrochemical products, offshore oil platform facilities and underwater engineering technologies. Our company has an excellent management and sales team. The company's main responsible person has nearly 20 years of experience in marketing management in the same industry. Its sales team has solid professional knowledge, good service awareness, rapid market response capability, and active customer service. .


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Zip code:518000

Support hotline:0755-26866939 / 0755-26868976
Company address: 1303, Gangwan Venture Building, the intersection of Houhai Avenue and Industrial 7th Road, Shekou Street, Shekou Street, Nanshan District, Shenzhen


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