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    Drilling tools


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    • Drilling tools

      Keyway expander

      Keyway expander is a tool designed to destroy the well body, which is connected to the upper part of the drilling chain, the surface of the tool's slide sleeve is surfacing multiple carbide cutting edges, which can effectively expand the size of the keyway part.

      Integral spiral stabilizer 

      The integral spiral stabilizer is an integral tool processed by high-quality alloy structural steel, which is embedded with cemented carbide columns on the spiral belt, which has the characteristics of high hardness, good toughness, strong wear resistance and long service life.

      Drill tool bypass valve

      When an overflow occurs during drilling and the drill bit water hole is blocked and the well cannot be pressed, the bypass valve can be opened for circulation or well pressing. Before drilling the oil and gas layer, the bypass valve must be attached to or near the drill bit.


      Roller stabilizer

      Roller stabilizers are used for various hole work, especially for stabilizing the bottom layer of drilling and grinding. It's a universal tool. It is used for boreholes from 71/2" to 26". In addition, the same body, properly configured rollers and adjusted briquettes can be used for boreholes of different sizes.

      Square drill pipe plug valve

      Square drill pipe plug valve can be divided into square drill pipe upper plug valve and square drill pipe lower plug valve, drilling fluid can flow freely through the square drill pipe plug valve without pressure drop. It can be used as a drill pipe safety valve, or installed above the square drill pipe to control blowout prevention, or in the lower part of the square drill pipe to prevent drilling fluid loss when the square drill pipe is removed.

      Flat roller type casing shaper

      The eccentric roller casing shaper can repair the casing with mild deformation in oil, gas and water wells, and can restore up to 98% of the inner diameter of the original casing.

      Casing scraper

      The eccentric roller casing shaper can repair the casing with mild deformation in oil, gas and water wells, and can restore up to 98% of the inner diameter of the original casing.

      Pear-shaped tube riser

      The working part of the pear-shaped riser is the large end of the cone. When the drilling tool applies pressure, the lateral force generated at the moment when the large end of the cone makes contact with the deformed part of the casing squeezes the deformed part of the casing.


      Long conical risers are used for casing repair with less deformation.



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